Hi friends!! Just a quick post (in the midst of a crazy day) to say that: our Kickstarter is now live!! Meaning you can finally pre-order your copies of The Yellow Table Cookbook in time for the holidays! Click here to watch the video and read all the fun details of the project!

SO grateful for everyone's support...it's exciting to see how many people have already pledged! Essentially, I'm trying to sell 1500 copies of the book - which, at $30 a piece, plus shipping and Kickstarter fees, comes to $50,000. We've got the next 6 weeks to meet that goal, and I am confident we can make that happen!!


I've been prepping all day for the big Raleigh Simple Evening (a.k.a. Road Trip Dinner Party #2!) tonight with my good friend Megan and Mike Gilger of the The Fresh Exchange, which is being held out on their friend's farm. Cannot wait to share pictures and stories with you all!

xo, Anna