Today is a very special day. It's the 32nd birthday of my better half, a certain Brandon James Carl. Though we've only been married two and a half years, I already feel like we've shared a lifetime of experiences. We've been blessed to live together in the greatest city in the world, to travel and share our love of adventure, to stand beside each other "through sickness and in health," to support each other through job losses and new business ventures, and to constantly challenge, encourage, and uplift each other. Having Brandon as my partner-in-crime is something I thank God for every day.

This morning I got up and made a little birthday brunch for B as you see in the pictures. I wasn't planning on featuring this on the blog - I just made/gathered a few of his favorite things: my homemade granola with Greek yogurt and berries, croissants from Balthazar (our Sunday morning tradition), hard-boiled eggs, and a green smoothie. He, of course, whipped out his camera and started snapping away. As soon as we were done eating, he had uploaded the pictures, edited them, and sent them to me, and said: "Here you go! You can use them on the blog now!"

And this is why we're a good team. Photo-taking and editing are NOT my strong suits. Neither is technology, despite the fact that so much of what I do these days involves a computer or handheld device. I just want to cook and write, and if it weren't for Brandon, I'd be doing just that: though without a blog!!

If it weren't for my amazing husband, The Yellow Table would not exist. I am forever grateful to him for his continual encouragement to pursue my passions, and for sharing his many talents to help me create an online platform to share mine. Brandon has done everything to make this blog a reality–from coding to design to taking and editing many of the photos on the site. I could never ever had done this without him, and I am eternally grateful to him for his support, encouragement, and time!!

During our wedding back in September 2010, our pastor Jon Tyson asked us each to prepare a list of things that we loved about each other that we wanted him to read during the ceremony. In honor of Brandon's birthday, here are the things that I wanted him to know then – and now!

(From our wedding vows...) Brandon, I want you to know:

*That I'm blown away by God's faithfulness in bringing me a man that surpassed my dreams and prayers.

*I'm equally blown away by God's sense of humor by pairing me with a math and technology genius.

*I love your boundless curiosity and love of learning, and I love the way you are genuinely excited when you encounter new ideas.

*I love your dry wit and your quirky sense of humor.

*I am amazed by your genuine desire to help others.

*I love your adventurous, spontaneous spirit, and I am excited to have you as a travel partner for life.

*I admire your commitment to love and be with your family.

*I am blown away by your grace towards me.

*I am proud of you, not just for what you do, but your character: who you are.

*I love the way you squish up your face when you are thinking.

*I admire your generosity and your desire to share all that God has given you.

*The first night I met you I thought you were gorgeous and interesting, and the sentiment has only grown :)

*I can't believe the fact that I found a man who loves Gossip Girl as much as me! (ha!)

*I love the fact that you proposed to me in the most amazing, perfect way possible, and every time I look at my ring, the memories come flooding back.

*I've never met anyone as uniquely talented as you.

*You are my best friend and partner-in-crime, and I feel that we are better as Branna than as Brandon and Anna :)

Happy Birthday my love!!!! I am blessed by you every single day. May this year be full of God's healing and favor in your life. I love you!