Friends, things are happening. Really exciting things. I thought today was going to be the day of the big reveal, but I'm learning that with all creative endeavors, they take time. And patience. Which is no surprise to me as a cook - some of the best things I've made are anything but quick. (Coq au vin, anyone?!) But I happen to be really, really impatient, so every minute feels like about ten years.

But in the waiting and the working, I'm learning some pretty big lessons. Like the fact that when you commit to a project – one that you feel really called to – you realize that it's far bigger than you. Doors start opening that you could have never dreamed of, collaborations form, and momentum builds. It's really exhilerating. But, on the flip side, the pressure can crush you if you're not careful. I've found myself experiencing every emotion over the past week: elation, exhaustion, joy, despair, frustration and everything in between. I've wanted so much to try and control the timeline, but that's only caused me a lot of unnecessary stress.


Today it just dawned on me: let go. Not of the dream, but of trying to so intensely control things. Just let it happen. In cooking, there has to be an element of spontaneity, of letting the flavors meld together (which is kind of magic), in order to create a truly memorable dish. So I've decided to take a deep breath, and let this thing unfold the way it's going to unfold. Ultimately, I know that God's weaving together a story in all of this that is far greater than anything I could dream up on my own. So why not try and have a little fun in the process?!

So it's close...really close, but needs a bit more time. So I'm going to stop opening the oven door every few minutes and just let it finish baking. Check back in a few days, though, and I'll have something really delicious to share!

xoxo, Anna

Photo credits: (Photo 1): Bryan; (Photo 2): Eric Ryan Anderson