Happy Friday everyone! I posted this picture of gingerbread cake, because how cozy does this whole scene look? This portrays how I'd love to be spending my afternoon: sitting my a Christmas tree eating cake, drinking coffee, and watching the snow fall outside. (I mean – wouldn't you?!)

Despite my best efforts to try and rest and soak in the holiday season, it's been a whirlwind month so far, of events and out-of-town guests, and book drama (both the good and the bad kind). On the good end of the spectrum, I had a blast doing two really fun book events in the D.C. area last weekend – and visiting my sister Maria and brother-in-law. Thanks to my wonderful hosts, Amy Hartman and Amy Rutherford, and thanks to all of you who came out to meet me and buy books! It was incredible to meet each one of you. (And a huge thanks to my friend Kelly d'Amboise for co-leading the Bubbly & Bites class – I foresee a NYC version in the near future!!)


Pre-Bubbly & Bites class at Red Barn Mercantile!

In other fun news, The Yellow Table Cookbook was recently featured in Publisher's Weekly and on Design*Sponge AND – perhaps most exciting of all – it's being sold at my favorite neighborhood bookstore, McNally Jackson! I seriously cannot tell you how exciting this news is to me. Because I don't have a publisher, it's up to me to visit bookstores one by one, meet with the buyer, and sell them on why they should carry my book. McNally gets a TON of submissions, and they rarely do consignment orders (i.e. purchase self-published books from the author), but for some reason they made an exception for me. Though it's not out on their cookbook table (yet!), it makes me SO happy just to see it on the shelf. So if you live in NYC and want to support an awesome local bookstore, do your holiday book shopping at McNally!

On the not-so-fun end of the book drama spectrum, I've received the depressing news that a LOT of orders that I sent out 3 weeks ago have not arrived. And, for some reason, most of my 8-book orders seem to have totally disappeared. And many of the ones that have arrived, were totally beat up, and in some cases, empty!! USPS will not refund me for any of this, so I'm now having to track down orders and resend out books – which is using up the remaining bit of my quickly dwindling inventory. It's been by far and away the most challenging and discouraging part of the book process, but I'm trying to keep my chin up and keep plugging away!


What in the world happened to this box?! My faith in the USPS is at an all-time low.

For those of you who have emailed me about your books, know that I have read every single note and that I am working hard to resolve things. Because of the high volume of emails that I'm receiving (and because I'm working predominately alone at this point!), it may take me awhile to reply, but know that I am doing everything within my power to make sure you all get your books as soon as possible.

But back on a positive note, here are some fun things that you should make/read/buy this weekend:

-Grapefruit-rosemary Moscow mules from Domesticate Me!

-Giant, chewy gluten-free ginger cookies from Feed Me Phoebe

-Cranberry-pistachio chocolate bark from Love & Lemons.

-Looking for gift ideas? Sprouted Kitchen has a pretty awesome wish-list up right now.

-Speaking of Christmas gifts, these sassy aprons from Salt House are amazing.

-Joy the Baker shared her Winter Reading List...can't wait to dive in!

-The best (affordable!) holiday bubblies – from Kelly d'Amboise of Volatilizing the Esters.

-Give yourself a gift and sign up for Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection E-Course (I took it last year and LOVED it).

-This persimmon, pomegranate, and radicchio salad from David Tanis: beautiful and delicious.

-The prettiest New Year's Eve invites (from across the web).

-If you haven't yet ordered your holiday cards yet, head straight here for beautiful designs and great discounts.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

xo, Anna

(Gingerbread photo by Signe Birck)