A Garden Party with Anthropologie

I love throwing dinner parties. At this point, I’ve thrown (what feels like) a zillion of them: big ones, small ones, indoor, outdoor, formal, casual, with a kitchen and without. No matter what the circumstances, I have one simple mantra: Be flexible. Because no matter how prepared you are, something unexpected will always happen. And the best thing you can do when things don’t go as planned is to take a deep breath, stay calm, and move to Plan B. As long as you’re having fun, chances are your guests will never know the difference.

This mantra, I've learned, holds true not just for dinner parties, but for all manner of life situations. Especially ones involving rain.

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Motherhood in the Age of Instagram

Our little Evie Grace recently turned six months old. (Where have six months gone?!) We celebrated with lobster rolls and a long walk in the park, and a trip to Ample Hills for ice cream. Evie kept us company with her smiles and babbles, and eventually fell fast asleep in her stroller, her chunky little legs draped over the side. Just watching her sleep, my heart feels as though it’s going to burst. I never thought I could be capable of loving so fiercely and so deeply. It actually aches to...

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A Family Lunch at The Cook's Atelier

Good morning, friends! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in France for over a week now – the time has flown by. Every morning when I walk out onto the cobblestone street to make my morning run to the bakery (yes, we have croissants every morning!), I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Truly, it feels too good to be true. I admit: I was terrified at the prospect of traveling across the ocean with a 3-month old baby. Sure, flying to France is much easier than, say...

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