Good morning friends! I've been BLOWN away by everybody's generosity over the past few days, donating to my friend Brienne's leukemia treatment. I have found myself shaking my head over and over again, the fact that total strangers can be compelled to help someone in their time of need, and I've been moved to tears by some of the emails I've received with people sharing their own battles with cancer or other illness. My good high school friend Lisa, has taken upon itself to sell my granola to half of Nashville – good thing I'm going there in person next week so I can just drop off the orders! (And P.S. if you still want to donate/order granola, there's still time! More details here.)

God's showing lately that when He puts an idea in our minds or hearts that seems far bigger than we can accomplish alone, it's usually a good sign. I'm learning to say yes to these nudges – even when they seem crazy. If the idea is from Him, He'll provide an army of resources. Case in point: project granola (and project cookbook!). I can only listen, laugh, and keep stepping out in faith.


Anyway, per usual I am running behind so I'm going to keep this post brief. Inspired by blogger Heidi Swanson, I recently started playing around with baked oatmeal. I occasionally deviate from my usual toast/almond butter breakfast, and this delicious twist on oatmeal hits the spot. Actually it's kind of like a crazy hybrid of oatmeal + souffle + coffeecake (i.e. super delicious with coffee). Heidi puts fruit in her baked oatmeal and puts it in a big 9x13 pan (which would be great for a brunch). But I love the idea of baking it in little ramekins – which can either be eaten right away, or baked in advance and reheated the next day for breakfast. Though I will confess, it does taste best the day it's made...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Monday is the day that Saveur announces their nominations for the Best Food Blogger Awards...I'm on pins and needles!! It would be so excited to get a nomination. I'll keep you posted.

xo, Anna

(Photos by Signe Birck)