Happy Monday everybody! I know I promised details today about my Ina Garten interview, but I decided to bump that post to later in the week because I'm elbow-deep in food prep. Why? Because tonight is the official media launch party for the cookbook! This morning was crazy: we got a delivery of 300 books and had to carry them ā€“ 25 boxes (for a total of 625 pounds) up 5 flights of stairs. If that's not a workout, I don't know what is. We've had an additional 200 books delivered to the party already, plus 1900 books are arriving to my parents house today in Brentwood, TN! And the remaining 600 books have been shipped to Amazon. Phew.

It's all really exciting, but it's a TON of work given that I'm coordinating all deliveries, plus 9 events right now: from wine to books to food prep to play lists to flowers ā€“ I'm really starting to feel like an event planner! Fortunately, I have a lot of help. Eight of my sweet girlfriends are making desserts and appetizers for tonight's party, I've got other friends (including my amazing intern Olivia) manning the food and drinks and book table tonight, plus my dear friend Jenn Elliott Blake flew in from Seattle to help me with a million details, from grocery shopping to hand-stamping gift bags to carrying boxes up my stairs this morning! Plus, Signe secured an amazing location for the party, at her good friend's restaurant, and Brandon has, as always, been an amazing support. I am so excited to finally get a chance to start sharing the book with everyone!


BUT I wanted to quickly say (before a lot of pictures appear on Instagram) that this is not the only NYC Yellow Table book party!! Tonight is a media launch, plus a few close friends ā€“ the space could only accomodate a limited number of people. But good news: there will be a big open house party in the coming weeks, for everyone who purchased a Kickstarter book. I would have loved to invite ALL of you tonight (!!), but alas, space and finances made that impossible!! Anyway, know that I am so so so grateful for all of you who have made this book possible, and I cannot wait to celebrate with each one of you! We are working on trying to get some sponsorships to fund the second party, and as soon as I have a date, I will let you know! Definitely aiming for mid-November.

Also, for those of you who live in the Nashville/Brentwood area, circle Nov. 13 on your calender: we're having an open house at my parents' house to give out Kickstarter books, and sell additional ones (and I'll be there to sign them if you like!). Email if you're interested in attending this party and I'll send you the address and details.

OK, back to cooking!

xo, Anna