Hi friends! T.G.I.F! After spending the first few days of the week out in the Hamptons, it's been hard to get back into a work groove (and somehow my to-do list keeps growing). I was planning to cover all 8 of the #cookbookroadtrip dinner parties on the blog before the Kickstarter ends on Tuesday (I've done 5 so far) and then I paused and asked myself, "Why?!" These dinners were some of the most incredible experiences of my life – from the people to the food to the settings to every little detail that made each dinner unique – why in the world would I want to rush this process of sharing? Each one was gorgeously documented by a different photographer (such as the talented Elizabeth Rudge, who shot our Seattle dinner and the photos in today's post) and I want to give each dinner party post the love and care it deserves.

So. Now that the Kickstarter is funded (hooray!), I feel like I can catch my breath a bit, and actually enjoy the process of blogging about the remaining dinners. To those of you whom I promised a post on the Dallas dinner today, my sincerest apologies - it will be up early next week! And eventually, Los Angeles and Seattle. But I'm not in a huge rush. Dinner parties are for lingering and savoring, and I'm going to try and savor every last drop of the #cookbookroadtrip for many months to come.


Speaking of the #cookbookroadtrip – guess what?! I was interviewed by USA Today Travel about the dinner parties and the Kickstarter campaign, and they just posted the video and interview on their website. It's been such an honor to have people actually want to hear my story. It still feels a little surreal - that the trip is done, that the book is funded, and that for the next couple of months I'll be at my computer actually writing the remaining chapters. I had a meeting today with my editor Lauren and we have a game plan for the next 6 weeks of writing and editing: bring it on!

There are just 4 more day in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you still haven't ordered your book, now's the time! I'm working on other distribution channels (bookstores and online), but for now, if you want a book in time for the holidays, Kickstarter is (for now) the only means of pre-ordering one. Thank you SO much for those of you who have already pre-ordered, who have shared the project with everyone you know, and who have written me the most encouraging notes: you all are beyond amazing!!! I'm still working on thank you notes, but rest assured, I am so incredibly grateful for your support.


I'm off to meet with my wonderful friend and photographer Signe, who just returned from 3 weeks of shooting in Denmark. I feel like a toast is in order, given that this book would not be possible without her incredible photos and dedication to the project from Day 1. So please excuse me as I scoot off to have a little bubbly. :) I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and for those of you throwing Yellow Table parties tomorrow – have fun!! I cannot wait to see pictures.

xo, Anna

Sunset and table photos by Elizabeth Rudge