Hello from West Texas! We're cruising along I-287 N heading from Dallas heading to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Crazy to think that in the past 8 days we've thrown 4 dinner parties in 4 cities: Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, and Dallas. Each one was so lovely, yet so different, and it has been an absolute joy to see new friends connecting around the table. Most of the dinners have been a collection of people who don't know each other, and by the end of the night, everybody feels like old friends. It's also been incredible to see the artistic gifts of so many people combined in each city. Dinner parties certainly don't have to be styled to be memorable, but when you happen to have friends who are painters and stylists and floral wizards and hand-calligraphers, it seems a shame not to make use of their talents!

I'll be posting a series of details from each of the dinner parties (tomorrow = Raleigh!) in the coming weeks, but the one word I'd use to describe the entire trip so far is hospitality. I have been blown away by the incredible generosity and graciousness of our hosts in each city: Megan and Mike Gilger in Raleigh, Dana and Phillip Nappi in Nashville, Joy Wilson and Rebecca Rebouche in New Orleans, Jeanine and Jack in Austin, and Sarah Harmeyer in Dallas. Not only have these incredible people let me throw parties in their homes (or stores in the case of the Nappi's), but many of them have literally let us stay with them in the midst of it all! Being on the road for a month, living out of a suitcase and a car is pretty exhausting, but these lovely friends have each provided little oases of rest and abundance along the way. I am so grateful.


I'm going to keep this post brief, because I've got a longer one in store tomorrow, but I just wanted to share with you a few fun bits of press that have recently come out about the cookbook and the road trip!

In Nashville, I had a chance to be on TV for the first time! First on Channel 4's More at Midday Show, and second on Channel 5's Talk of the Town. Both experiences were so much fun, and I'm so grateful they gave me the chance to share a few recipes from the cookbook! (And P.S. I got on both of these shows because my mom literally called the stations and asked. Ha! Go Mom!)

Yahoo Food just wrote an awesome story about The Yellow Table Cookbook and Kickstarter campaign called "The Most Fun Way to Fund a Cookbook." Thanks Julia!

Style Me Pretty Living just ran a piece about our ABC Carpet & Home & Yellow Table dinner party featuring Jenn Elliott Blake's lovely styling and Belathee's lovely photos.

I had the fun opportunity to share a bit about my cookbook story with Jennifer Snyder on her inspirational podcast "Creating Your Own Path." Thanks for having me Jennifer!

Lastly, you can follow our trip on our new Tumblr site: roadtrip.theyellowtable.com AND if you haven't yet ordered your cookbook(s), please do so here. And please let your friends know that they make great holiday gifts :)

Upper photo: Dinner at Joy the Baker's in New Orleans; shooting pictures of the VW in a wheat field.