Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I have a friend who told me she cooked the entire V-day meal I posted on the blog, and it made me over-the-moon happy. Let me know if anyone else cooked anything from the menu, and how it turned out!! I love hearing your stories :)

B and I had a great time together. In all honesty, since I had already made the 3-course V-day menu over the weekend, last night we just ate takeout sushi and drank bubbly in our PJ's. And watched New Girl, which we both love. B surprised me with delicious chocolate truffles from Payard, as well as beautiful tulips and some really cool grains and legumes from Gilt Taste...he is too much. I made him his favorite chocolate chip cookies, which he seemed pretty happy with.

Now I'm packing my bags and heading upstate, into the woods for a few days. I'm excited to be surrounded by trees, to sit by a fire, and to enjoy the absence of city noise. Just to be still for a moment. But most of all, I'm looking forward to cooking big pots of soup and braised short ribs and vegetable purees and homemade pizzas all those hearty winter foods that taste better in a cabin, at a big, long cande-lit table. There will be good friends and laughter and music and lots of great food. And hopefully some snow...

I'm going off the grid for the next few days (no cell phone connection, even!) and will hopefully come back inspired and rejuvenated and full of new ideas. Enjoy the rest of your week!