So. We've nearly come to the end of (the first) 100 days of this cookbook adventure! When I launched the project last October, five months seemed an impossibly long time. And here we are. Though we're far from done, it's exciting to set out with a goal in mind, and see it come into being little by little.


I alluded to this on Day 88, but I've decided to pursue the self-publishing route. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Also, yes! Why? Several reasons: 1) I love the idea of having total control over the look and feel of the book. Signe and I have put so much time and effort into creating beautiful images, and I want to work with a designer that can create a clean aesthetic that compliments the pictures. 2) I like the idea of hopefully making a little money on the book – or at least to cover my costs! And these days, with first book publishing deals, that's definitely not a given. And 3) most of all, I just want to have this book printed in 2014 - not two years from now!!


I'll be revealing more about the next phase tomorrow on the blog, but for now, I'm looking for an amazing graphic designer. Preferably someone that has worked on books before, and preferably someone who loves food. If you're in NYC, awesome, but it isn't a dealbreaker if you're not.

I've been pouring over cookbooks lately, trying to find what I really love and don't love when it comes to design. I adore cookbooks with clean, simple design, great typography and a lot of white space (think: Kinfolk) – the goal is for the food to really shine. But funny enough, it's hard to find books that meet those criteria – I find that many are way too color- and graphic-heavy for my taste.


Anyway, if you're a designer and you just read the above and find yourself nodding and saying "yes" to several of those statements (or if you know someone who would be perfect for a project like this), please email me at [email protected] and send me your website/portfolio and experience. I'll be in touch if it seems like a good match! Excited for more fun collaborations... :)

xo, Anna

(Photos and gif by Brandon Carl.)