Dear friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!! I know today is a day dedicated to chocolate and roses and teddy bears and sappy cards. I have no interest in the generic form of Valentine's Day. For me, love is all in the details – not the sweeping gestures. It's knowing your love well enough to know what's going to make him or her smile.

This is the first Valentine's Day that I am not spending with Brandon since we met back nearly 6 years ago. He's down in Florida for the month doing treatments for his Lyme, and I'm holding down the fort in NYC. It's sad not getting to spend today with him, but he surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of tulips yesterday. These flowers made my day, not only because he was thinking of me, but because he knows that tulips are my favorite flower. There's nothing I love more on a cold winter's day than a bright bouquet of tulips on the yellow table. And I love the fact that he sent them yesterday, so when I woke up today the apartment felt so bright and cheery - it was almost like he was here with me. I sent him a surprise as well (which I won't say in case he reads this!), but I'm pretty sure he'll like it!


How about you all? How do you like spending Valentine's Day? Last night, I had some girlfriends over for homemade pizza, and that was a pretty perfect Valentine's Day celebration for me - sharing food with people I love, around the yellow table. Tonight, Brandon and I are going to have a House of Cards date - we may be in two separate states, but we're still going to "hang out" together. There's no one way to celebrate this day!! You've gotta be creative!

Anyway, in honor of the holiday, I wanted to send out lots of love to each of you, dear readers!! I feel so wildly blessed not only to have a husband I love dearly, but to have an amazing family, and the best friends a girl could ask for. And all of you all - my virtual family! I feel so loved, and I want to pass that love on to all of you. I hope you each have a beautiful day, and feel special and loved.

xoxo, Anna

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