It's been fun getting back to shooting in the New Year. Food styling just gets more and more fun (the props from ABC Home don't hurt) and I just love Signe's photography. I mean, seriously - she makes the simplest ingredients look delicious!!

It's also been fun developing healthy, simple recipes for the cookbook: stuff that hardly necessitates a recipe because it's just so intuitive (to me, at least). One of my favorite go-to lunches – when I'm not eating eating this kale salad! – is a sprouted grains wrap with hummus, salad, and feta. Why the sprouted grains wrap? For one, sprouted grains tend to be more easily digestible (even for gluten-sensitive people) and they have a lower glycemic rating (meaning they won't make your blood sugar levels spike). It's also more nutritionally dense: one wrap has a wide variety of organic sprouted grains and legumes including wheat, barley, millet, sesame seeds, emmer, quinoa, lentils, soybeans, and spelt. Last, but not least, I love the nutty flavor!


Eating healthy, for me, is all about being prepared. If I open my fridge and there's nothing but cold pizza, chances are I'll eat cold pizza. But when I keep my fridge stocked with salad greens, homemade hummus, some pre-cooked grains like quinoa or farro, and a bunch of grated veggies from the Whole Foods salad bar, then I'll throw together a healthy salad or a wrap.

By the way, if you've never made hummus, give it a try – the recipe below literally takes 10 minutes to make, and it tastes WAY better than the storebought variety. The only thing is, you do need a food processor. (Which, if you cook a lot is an excellent investment – I use mine all the time!!) The recipe below uses canned chickpeas to speed up the process, but if you're looking for an ultra-creamy and even tastier hummus – and willing to spend extra time – try this recipe.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! See you tomorrow for Part II of yesterday's post: Creating Space.


(Photos by Signe Birck)