Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! First off, I should say that I did NOT make the beautiful apple pie above. That was actually made by our friend Thaddeus several years ago. He brought it to our first-ever NYC "Friendsgiving" around the yellow table. And, I should point out that he actually decorated it with twine and leaves. How gorgeous is that?

I am so excited about today. I love everything Thanksgiving stands for: taking time to be thankful, spending time with friends and family around the table, and all of the cooking and baking and delicious smells that have filled my apartment the past few days. Today will mark our third NYC Thanksgiving, and I'm so grateful to have dear friends here to celebrate with. The table's set, the turkey's brining, and I got most of the cooking done yesterday. (I'm trying to take my own "how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving" advice...so far it seems to be working!)

Last year, we took a year off from hosting and spent the holiday in Patagonia, Chile. (I look at pictures and seriously can't believe we were there.) It was incredible: we walked along a black beach beside an aquamarine glacial lake on Thanksgiving morning, in spitting snow and 50+ miles-per-hour wind. The views were stunning: flatlands covered with brush, heavy-coated sheep grazing, and jagged mountain peaks in the distance (and a very handsome man in a bright red coat!).


We didn't stay outside long - too cold! - and instead warmed up inside with tea and lambswool blankets. We Skyped with our families and ate a T-day meal of beer, sandwiches, and empanandas at the Punta Arenas airport later that day. Though it wasn't at all a typical Thanksgiving, it reminded me that the holiday isn't at all about what you're eating, but rather who you're with. I could be with Brandon anywhere on earth and it would feel like home.


All that said, I'm excited to get back to our traditions today. To roast a turkey and eat pumpkin pie and go around the table and share what we're each thankful for. I've been taking time each morning this week to journal about all that I'm thankful for this year, and I'm really overwhelmed. Aside from the huge blessings - my wonderful husband, our loving families, dear friends, a cozy apartment (big enough to fit the yellow table!), work that we love, our church, and the chance to live in NYC - I realize that one of the things I'm most thankful for this year is the ever-expanding Yellow Table community. It has been so incredible to meet so many amazing new friends through the blog, and to experience such support and encouragement as I share my journey through The Cookbook Diaries. So thank you. I am grateful for you all!!

OK now your turn: what are you thankful for this year? Where are you spending Thanksgiving? What are you making that you're particularly excited about? I'd love to include a collage of your stories and pictures on the blog, so feel free to respond via comments below or email me at [email protected]. Happy Thanksgiving!!

xoxo, Anna