Happy Friday everyone!!

One more day 'til the wedding! We threw Maria a fun bachelorette party last night in D.C. at her friend's (very cute) apartment. Her girl friends are fantastic - several of them helped me make the food, and we all sat around talking, drinking bubbly, and telling stories until late. (Favorite moment of the night: when Maria was given a large pink bunny costume!?!) We've got a lot to do today, so I'm going to keep this post brief!

Moving ahead with The Cookbook Diaries, I'm putting together a schedule for my daily blog posts. Mondays = Inspiration, Tuesdays = Recipe, Wednesdays = Cookbook Insider (i.e. Recipe-Testing, Food-Styling, Behind-the-Scenes Photos, Podcasts, etc.), Thursdays = Recipe, Fridays = Weekend Reading + Reader Photos! I'll still continue to tell stories as I usually do, but I wanted to give some structure to my posts so you all know a bit more what to expect. Also, given that I love so many other blogs (and bloggers!), I want Fridays to be a time where I can share some of these blogs with you! As for reader photos - I'm especially pumped about this. Every Friday, I'm going to feature photos from blog readers who have tested some of my recipes (or just cooked one or two for fun!). So as you cook things from The Yellow Table, send me your pictures - can just be food pics, or pics of your friends or family eating it - and I'll post my favorites every Friday!! Submit to [email protected].


Today, I'm featuring pictures from Brooke Long, a longtime Yellow Table reader who lives in Chicago (and formerly lived in NYC). She's an avid cook and she tested out my pumpkin madeleines - in both regular and gluten-free varieties. In lieu of flour for the gluten-free ones, she used Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour with 1/2 tsp Xanthan gum per cup of flour. She said both turned out great, but she was pleased to see that the GF ones turned out fluffy, tasted great, and froze really well. So - that's great news for all of my gluten-free peeps! Brooke took these beautiful photos as well - I'm so impressed!!

To make your Friday more enjoyable, here's a little weekend reading material from some of my favorite blogs and websites. (A lot of these actually are recipes I want to try...go figure!) Enjoy!

-Did you know that the French don't eat kale? And that there's a New Yorker in Paris who's determined to introduce Parisians to dark leafy greens? My stylish friend Erin of The People I Like shares the story.

- I can't wait to make this gorgeous wild mushroom risotto from my dear friend Jenn's A Blog Named Scout. (I also want to learn to style pictures as beautifully as her!)

- My friends Megan and Mike recently moved to Raleigh, N.C. They took a fun camping trip last weekend and shared the gorgeous pictures on The Fresh Exchange.

- Sara's pull-apart pumpkin bread (with an optional maple pecan glaze) on Sprouted Kitchen looks divine. Cannot wait to make this!!

- A Couple Cooks share an entire menu for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving...makes me (almost) want to skip the turkey!

- Nicole of Eat This Poem makes pumpkin hummus. Who knew?! I have to try this.

- Chinae of The Be Better Blog mixes up delicious cocktails (perfect for all of the holiday soirees coming up!).

- My friend Jessica Colley just wrote a piece for The New York Times (!!) about cool new under-the-radar bars in Dublin.

- I'm not a mom yet, but Amy of Parker, Etc. makes motherhood look dreamy. (It helps if you have the world's cutest baby!)

-Beth of Paper Doll Tales shares the realities of The Curse of The Business Trip. (Be prepared to laugh!)

- AND...Food & Wine wrote a blog post about me! (And it included a picture of my bathtub. Hilarious.)

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you Monday!

(All photos by Brooke Long)