Good morning, friends! Welcome to the new Yellow Table! As you can probably see, we just launched a brand new version of the blog, and I couldn’t be more excited. My muy talented husband Brandon redesigned – and coded! – the entire site, adding in all sorts of cool features, like a snazzy new recipe index, with Pinterest-style photo grids, and newly designed pages to search through Posts and The Cookbook Diaries. He did such an amazing job – I hope you love it!

The biggest difference you’ll notice is that posts and recipes are now separated. We know that sometimes you're in the mood to read, and other times you just need to cook (or grocery shop). Either way, we hope it's great experience!

The Recipe Search is one of my favorite features, as you can scroll through recipes by Season or Category (just click on an icon to switch categories!) and look through grids of photos to whet your appetite. There’s also a really cool “Step by Step” feature where the recipe is broken down into individual steps, so that if you’re cooking from a tablet or smartphone, you only see the step you’re working on so you don’t have to keep figuring out where in the recipe you are.

There is lots more in the an exciting dinner party inspiration page that you'll love. Stay tuned! And please feel free to give us feedback – if there’s something you like or don’t like, or would like to see. We welcome all of your comments below!

One other bit of exciting piece of news, which I’ve alluded to on Instagram…we’re in France! For a month! It’s all a bit crazy, as we planned this trip in just 10 days. Most of you all know about my passion for France. I’ve lived here 4 times (Paris twice, Aix-en-Provence, and Joigny) and traveled here countless times for work and fun. I speak the language, have many dear friends here, and B and I even got engaged on the Pont des Arts in Paris. France basically feels like a second home to me. It’s been three years since my last trip to France, and I’ve been longing to return. I’ve also always had the crazy idea of bringing Evie to France when she was little – I just never dreamed it'd be so soon!

I was recently talking to my good friends Marjorie and Kendall (of The Cook’s Atelier, in Beaune) and we were dreaming about how fun it would be for us to come visit. I told Brandon about the conversation and he said, “Let’s go for it!” I was totally shocked that he actually wanted to go, and we decided it would be great to spend April in Beaune for a little culinary inspiration for me, and R&R for all of us. I am so inspired by all that Marjorie and Kendall are doing at The Cook’s Atelier, and I can’t wait to spend the next 4 weeks soaking it all in! I’ll be sharing little snippets of our time in France on the blog – photos, stories, and recipes – so I hope you’ll join me on our adventure.

I have to give a huge shout-out to my incredible husband, as none of this would be possible without him. Not only because of his tech and design skills, but because he believes in me and my vision for community around The Yellow Table even when I doubt myself (which is often). Truthfully, for the past few months, it’s taken all of my energy just to care for Evie and keep up with basic household chores, and the idea of launching a new blog (or even just write a post!) seemed overwhelming. As I mentioned in my last post, I feared that I’d lost my voice as a writer. Along with that fear, I’ve struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression (which I’ll share more about in another post), all of which made it nearly impossible to work on this blog re-launch. But B never stopped believing in me. He knew I’d find my voice as a writer again. He knew I’d be healthy again, and knew that my vision for The Yellow Table would return. And so he got to work, alone, knowing that his teammate would be back one day.

I’m so grateful to have a partner who believes in me, who loves me, and who happens to be both incredibly talented and incredibly generous with those talents. This beautiful new blog is such a gift to me, and I’m excited to be able to share my life and recipes once again. Thank you love!!!

Xo, Anna