I know I've already given you a sneak peak of the recent Yellow Table Cookbook launch party I threw with ABC Carpet & Home (styled by the amazing Jenn Elliott Blake), but I just received these INCREDIBLE images and I had to share!! We were fortunate enough to have Dorothée Brand (one half of the wildly talented Belathée Photography duo) shoot the party, and I could barely contain my excitement when I sifted through the 400+ images she sent. I forced myself to pare it down to the selection below, but trust me – it was really, really hard. The night was beyond magical, and I feel so blessed to have been able not only to see my vision of a whimsical spring gathering come to life, but to have a chance to share the story of the yellow table and the upcoming cookbook with a fantastic group of editors, journalists, and friends. (For more details on the evening, read my behind-the-scenes post.)

But most of all, I am so, so grateful for the support and generosity of my partners in this event (listed below) – I truly couldn't have done this without you all. Here's to more dinner parties, more collaborations, and more courage to pursue dreams! None of this would have been possible if I'd allowed fear to win.

P.S. For more details about the dinner – and particularly Jenn's incredible styling – check out her beautiful blog post today.


Photos: Belathée Photography

Styling & Flowers: Jenn Elliott Blake

Tables, Chairs, and Tableware: ABC Carpet & Home

Location: Drift Studio NYC

Ingredients: Whole Foods Market

Food: The Yellow Table (with help from Linda Sarris)

Wine: Le Du's Wines, selected by Jean-Luc Le Du

Calligraphy: Sally Balt